Saturday, February 26, 2011

Something Simple For Spring

Hey, I'm Roxz! This is the kick off of my blog and it's all about
Something Simple for Spring
The Trend:

Spring time is ushering in punk styling with feminine florals prints and bold colors. 

  • Floral Print Dress: This is trend has been recycled so many times you own at least one
    • If not check Forever 21, Pack Sun, Delia's, and Gap.  
  • Boots: Can be worn on cool spring days
  • Sunglasses: These act as source of  protection for your eyes from harmful UV rays 
  • A Leather Jacket: If you don't have one they are really easy to find at Forever 21 or Delia's
  • A Nude Purse: Every girl needs a neutral purse (nude, black, white, brown) to go with ANY outfit.
Making the Transition: 

I know in some places it's still cold outside and you're covered in layers. You can easily transition this spring punk style into winter by adding a cowl neck sweater in cream and some black tights. Making adjustments as simple as that can take a basic print dress and boots to the next level even your closet (but that's another post). If you want to see some of my other posts you can go to the sites I have linked below.
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